In the depths of solitude chaos is liberated and apprehension is released from the cell that optimism once guarded and now shivers, as it lies helplessly in the claws of sorrow.

An overwhelming, stifling feeling lays traps of uncertainty: Snares that easily entangle… While the lack of faith, unforeseen and undetected like cancer, creeps and takes over.


About Mauro Metallo

A Writer and Photographer equally at home in Italy and in Canada.

One response to “Abyss”

  1. ks365artist says :

    I think we all have solitude in our heart and mind. It’s part of our nature. Maybe because we can’t totally share ourself with other? Are because, as someone once said, we are islands. With no bridges, just boats.

    In my case, sad or not, I need solitude. Every day. I can’t live surrounded 24h/24h by people. I can’t be totally myself and comfortable with people watching at me all day long. It’s freaking. ;P

    But I understand it sounds weird and that our modern societies think Solitude as a sad thing. Personally I think it depends if solitude is part of who you are or not.

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