Shut Your Mouth!


A rule that everyone should remember is to keep their mouth shut. I have learned this all too often the hard way… My trouble is that I am quick to form ignorant opinions on many topics and issues and unfortunately I am also too quick to speak about them. This is, of course, a downfall: My mouth condemns me to social purgatory.

The problem is easy to fix: Keep my mouth shut! Society really doesn’t want to hear all the sides of a discussion. No, society only wants to hear its side… To interject ideas of the contrary only produces a backlash of emotions none of which are kind. In the attempt to reduce the emotional distress of others, I have decided to withhold my opinions on all matters. Instead, I will smile and make comments only to myself. No one cares what I think or believe, anyways, so I will write my rubbish thoughts on paper and keep my mouth shut.


About Mauro Metallo

A Writer and Photographer equally at home in Italy and in Canada.

5 responses to “Shut Your Mouth!”

  1. 47whitebuffalo says :

    Is this your way of stating why you’re going to refrain from posting comments or/and writing at length in regard to your own posts? Or something else entirely? Hmm. rather curious just out of curiosity and the nature of this PHOTO.
    Someone has some sort of ISSUE somewhere.

  2. teo says :

    You may be right, but if no one cares, so it also wouldn’t bother anyone if you write your (rubbish) thoughts here 😉

  3. The Lazy Photographer says :

    LOL… great post Mauro and excellent photo as always. I too suffer from verbal diarrhoea from time to time. And as a rule I don’t often let s good fact or two get in the way of my forming an opinion. Frankly, the less I know about the topic, the more opinionated I become! 🙂

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