A State Of Awakening

Each time is unique. Rich in its own way. Never the same… But the only thing that doesn’t change in my situation is how I wake up in the morning.

Most times I feel good and very happy. My first thoughts are like the ones I would have had before all that happened, but as I gradually gain consciousness, I start becoming aware of my loneliness and how much things have changed.

It is not a depressing thought, although I marvel that each time it feels like a modest surprise.

Once I’m fully awake, I’m back in my own existence and ready to accept again what it is now. I summon all the positive energy around me and focus on one aspect of my life at the time: a project, a friend, a memory, so I’m ready to start another day.

But there is always this strange sense of why I wake in a state from the past. And why I seem to have forgotten.

Perhaps we always wake up like this, but we go through it too quickly and we miss the forgetting part.

Or perhaps this happens only to me…


About Mauro Metallo

A Writer and Photographer equally at home in Italy and in Canada.

One response to “A State Of Awakening”

  1. davecandoit says :

    Great post and photo, Mauro. When I was a teen I suffered tremendously from depression and shyness. Most of my waking hours were grey and dark and empty. But with each morning awakening there would be about ten seconds where I would feel almost normal, free from the darkness, unburdened by the knowledge of who and where I was in the world. By the time my feet hit the floor, however, the dark clouds would already be rolling in, preparing to weigh me down for another day in hell. Those days are long gone, of course, but I can still remember that feeling of lightness upon first waking up in the morning.

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