Of Cameras And Men

What am I shooting with?

A camera.

I have always used a camera.

They’ve been made of wood, cardboard, metal and even plastic. But they’ve always been recognisable as a camera, a box with a hole in it, sometimes with glass on the hole. They often have different symbols on them: some mean they cost more, some mean they cost less. They seem to be built in different parts of the world although today are mostly coming from somewhere called ‘China’, but they’re still cameras.

Some cameras need cool rolled-up things in them; others have ‘mammary’ cards. I’m sure they’re mammary cards as men like them to be big and will pay extra money for the big ones.

Sometimes cameras have clip-onand plug-in gadgets. Shoulder thingies that seem to be recognisable by having different symbols and colours on them. Other people with different symbols on their shoulder thingies and cameras avoid you and people with the same symbols like to come and chat even if you don’t know who they are.

The most expensive clip-on thingies have glass in them. They seem to cost more if they have big glass or small numbers on the front. Sometimes big huge heavy glass thingies are held by people with logos everywhere, also avoiding people with different ones.

I’m fascinated by the plug-in thingies that go ‘poof’ and make lots of light, but I never really needed any. They too cost more if they have lots of buttons and different writings on them.

And I don’t like ‘standy’ things: They are  for when someone can’t be bothered to hold the camera still if it’s too dark.

The thing I like best is when people get tired of their cameras and they give them away or sell them for a lot less than what they paid. This happens because they often think that their ‘old’ cameras suddenly become no good at taking pictures and new ones with different symbols on are needed to take good shots.

It’s funny how old men sometimes pay lots of money for silly cameras like mine,  with red dots on them.

But I just like cameras. That take pictures. Although I prefer the ones that take black and white pictures.

Sometimes young people use words which mean that I’m shooting with something weird, because it doesn’t have many symbols on it and is not the same as everyone else’s.

May be I should have more thingies…

Or may be not…


About Mauro Metallo

A Writer and Photographer equally at home in Italy and in Canada.

3 responses to “Of Cameras And Men”

  1. davecandoit says :

    Great post, Mauro. as you know I just bought a new camera with a bunch of thingies and a big mammary card to boot. And of course I can’t possibly get by without that standy thingy. It’s a biggun’ too. 🙂 The photo must be Robert, right? Great shot.

  2. David Williamson says :

    Ah! A man after my own heart. The less doodads and doohickies that get in the way of a great picture the better I like it . They just get in the way…. Keep it simple ! Keep it Leica :0)

    As always a great candid shot. Did you get your camera back or, did he become so smitten you let him keep it :0)

  3. Imants says :

    a lert correction!!!

    It’s funny how old men sometimes pay lots of money for silly cameras like mine, with red dots on them. that I too paid lots of money for

    But I just like cameras. That take pictures. I have to pick up my cameras and press the shutter otherwise the just hang around very still ……. yea very still

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