No Comment

I wonder if a photographer should ever say something. It happens to me to move in search of a shot about which say nothing, because the subject in it will have the power to be interpreted by the viewer, who will find a meaning I have never imagined… Nothing for the photographer to say, just allowing access to a specific instant of our existence… The content of the image lies in the mind of the observer; it is the gaze of the viewer that gives it a new life. Writing with light, or photographing, is like opening a window on a landscape, a face, or a soul; A moment in which the times for sadness or hope are fixed. Through calm and contemplative observation, the still image has the power to reveal things that often escape us in the movie of life.

I make only black and white pictures. No exceptions. I don’t like color, I’m not interested into the “realistic view of the subject”: Color photography aways me from thinking because reproduces images too similar to the world in motion which the eye is so accustomed to see. I like to interpret life myself, escaping (if you wish to see it that way…) from trite reality and dive into a world of shadow and tones that I can better control and shape to my mood.

My dream is to be able, one day, to make a single timeless image, to watch carefully, to dig in and understand with an effort always worthwhile…


About Mauro Metallo

A Writer and Photographer equally at home in Italy and in Canada.

2 responses to “No Comment”

  1. davecandoit says :

    I love the photo, Mauro. When you question whether or not to say something, do you mean like to ask the subject if he/she would mind you taking his/her photo? If so, I agree that engaging the subject would break the moment. If someone’s aware of being photographed, the shot changes. Even if they try to look natural, you end up with a shot of someone “trying” to look natural, rather than a natural shot.

    As for shooting only in black and white, I think people new to photography (like myself) would do well to spend some time in the world of black and white, if for nothing more than to appreciate how lighting effects a scene. I shoot a lot in colour but I often play with the colours to create a mood and make the photo unique and somewhat unnatural.

    Here’s wishing your dream comes true. 🙂

  2. 47whitebuffalo says :

    I adore black and white because of all the details it captures and how it causes one to see anew the subject.
    Color has its pluses–but black and white RULES.

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