If the eyes are the windows to the soul, I believe that the camera is its reflection.

Our individual view of the world is illustrated by the images we take, involuntarily capturing expressions of our inner child and alter ego. In always searching for that once in a lifetime shot, the self plays a large role: A photographer must have an ego large enough to believe that he or she is the best one, at that particular time, taking that picture. Even though we deliberately portray a subject, it is our psyche that creates the interpretation. Moreover, it is my convincement that luck has a little to do with whether or not we capture that unrepeatable moment in life, and more often it is our subconsciousness that comes into play. How many times have you left the house forgetting your camera, gone back to get it on a hunch and later that day it paid off? This has happened to me more than once. What is that inspires us to turn off the beaten path and try different compositional schemes, just to obtain that great photograph? The first answer would be knowledge and experience. However, it is our artistic nature or our very soul that takes that knowledge and experience and turns it into a piece of art for all to enjoy. As photographers, it is most important that we have fun taking pictures; if it wasn’t important to us, we probably would do something else. Maintaining self-confidence (while not becoming overly confident) and providing the world with inspirational images that will endure for a lifetime and beyond, is the goal to which we all should aspire.

Cameras are our paint brushes and pencils. It is up to us to create that masterpiece for the other windows of the soul to enjoy and be inspired by.


About Mauro Metallo

A Writer and Photographer equally at home in Italy and in Canada.

One response to “Now”

  1. davecandoit says :

    Great post, Mauro. I love your opening line. The photo’s outstanding. You must have taken that a couple of days ago when we had all that low-lying fog around, no? I like the emptiness of it, a road without cars is a road without a purpose in life.

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