A Reflection…

0srs1It’s a getaway weekend and you’re browsing a photo gallery in a quaint lakeside shopping district. Vivaldi floats unobtrusively in the background and your right hand cradles a complimentary glass of (local) Chardonnay. The pictures are pleasant but you’re not completely engaged, and in fact your thoughts have started drifting between dinner and whether or not you remembered to close the garage door… Suddenly your eyes stop, your brain exclaims: “Ooh…”, and without conscious action you’re standing before a very big print of some swimming goggles left at the edge of a pool. Dinner and the garage door have vanished. What just happened? Volumes have been dedicated to identifying the combination of photographic composition and light that “grabs” a viewer in just this way. But what then? Do you simply nod approval, get your cell phone and ask your brother-in-law to swing by the house and check the garage? Or do you take a sip of wine and bend closer to look at the price? A photograph, like most artistic creations, appeals on two seemingly contradictory planes: it must stimulate enough to attract, yet soothe enough to sustain. I think of these planes as a photo’s “ooh” and “ahhh” factors—they’re the currency of photography. You probably understand the “ooh!” that grabs your attention and draws you for a closer look as the goggles did. But once that initial jolt has diminished, it’s the soothing “ahhh…” that holds you. I won’t pretend to know what makes you react: We each have our own triggers. Some are touched by an intimate flower portrait, others find inspiration in a sweeping landscape… Some cherish connections to a familiar place, others long for vicarious exploration. But before you plunk down $400 for that stunning goggles image, spend a little time with it. Does its virtual world supersede your literal world, even briefly? Do the emotions it generates rejuvenate your energy, or deplete it?

My pictures represent my attempt to serve these needs. Since only I can really know what moves me, they are very much a reflection of who I am. I hope at least some part of the inspiration that moves me resonates within you.


About Mauro Metallo

A Writer and Photographer equally at home in Italy and in Canada.

One response to “A Reflection…”

  1. David Williamson says :

    One of life’s little details that escape the most of us . It’s a modern image well seen. I just wish I had your way with words to describe my Oooh! factor :0)

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