When we mention Design we speak about the “reaching out” of an artist towards others; We speak about communicating… Design is the vehicle which carries the content of an image; Often it is the content and always it has the potential for symbolic effect. Tones, shapes and lines work in synchrony to create psychological impressions, constituting a meaningful centre by which something is made intelligible or accessible to us. However, failure by the viewer to see what is intended is not always the photographer’s fault: Sometimes the viewer may not have the necessary knowledge to recognize the photographer’s intentions, which is why a great number of artistic creations appear obscure to many people.  Of course, complexity is an entirely subjective concept. In order for the notion to make any sense, we have to allow for the idea that what seems impenetrably complex to someone might fall right in the “sweet spot” of preference for someone else, based on differences in culture, social background, experience, etcetera… But it is my convinciment that every artist must grapple with the problem of how their personal understanding will potentially be recognized because, although we take pictures to please ourselves, we certainly do not make photographs for this reason alone: Photography, like every other creative endeavor, exists in the tension between self-indulgence and the need for our expressions to be understood.


About Mauro Metallo

A Writer and Photographer equally at home in Italy and in Canada.

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